Color Sealing Grout

grout cleaning

Clean floors are not a thing of the past. The grout can, and will, clean up if done right and done by a professional grout cleaning company. What happens if your grout was never sealed and it doesn’t clean up as well as you’d hoped? Don’t fear! You have an option. We call it, color … Read moreColor Sealing Grout

I want shiny tile! Topical sealers, coatings, gloss and your floor…

You just moved into a house with travertine floors that have seen better days. You decide to hop on the ‘ol world wide web and have a look around at pictures of what travertine flooring should look like. You know, just to see if yours is supposed to look like this…  Immediately you see a … Read moreI want shiny tile! Topical sealers, coatings, gloss and your floor…

Natural Stone Safe Household Cleaning Products

Natural stone is beautiful but delicate and if you are easily annoyed by dull spots and inconsistent finishes on your counters, floors and showers it may not be the surface for you. Marble, Limestone and Travertine all react quickly when an unsafe product comes into contact with it. You may not even realize that you … Read moreNatural Stone Safe Household Cleaning Products

Swollen Baseboards? MDF Vs. Real Wood

What’s the deal here? You just had your carpet or tile cleaned and now you notice you have a few swollen baseboards.  You always assumed you had wooden baseboards! Unfortunately, I’m here to tell you that you don’t. In fact, what you have is a cheap wood alternative called MDF. MDF is short for Multi Density … Read moreSwollen Baseboards? MDF Vs. Real Wood

Hiring A Stone Cleaning Contractor

Stone Cleaning Professional Checklist: Are you considering hiring a stone cleaning professional to restore or maintain your natural stone surfaces?  This is a big deal because maintaining natural stone is not cheap and not every cleaning contractor is knowledgeable in natural stone.  Also, it is very important to make sure you are comparing apples to … Read moreHiring A Stone Cleaning Contractor

How do I clean my travertine shower?

Are you asking yourself, “How do I clean my travertine shower?” Well for starters, and the number one most important thing, DO NOT use an acidic cleaner. That means no vinegar, no CLR, and basically no shower cleaning products sold to you at Target, Walmart, Grocery Stores etc… So what can you use? You can … Read moreHow do I clean my travertine shower?

Gloss Sealer on Stone Floors

Are you sitting there on the couch looking at your natural stone floors and thinking… “Gee, I sure wish my travertine…marble…slate…limestone was shiny! There has got to be a way I can do it myself!”.  So you take to the internet, browsing how-to articles, looking for any information on making your travertine shiny without calling … Read moreGloss Sealer on Stone Floors

Stone Cleaning

Stone Cleaning Professional stone cleaning, or natural stone cleaning as some may call it, is a necessity every few years as mopping does not and cannot give the same results as those achieved through the use of big machines. Stone floors get dirty over time leading to a cloudy, hazy looking floor with no character. … Read moreStone Cleaning

Tile Cleaning Tools of the Trade

Tile Cleaning Tools of the Trade Today on our job I decided to show a couple of the must have’s if you are going to professionally clean tile. Obviously a big truck mounted machine is needed but besides that what else is there really? It is SO important that each and every grout line be scrubbed … Read moreTile Cleaning Tools of the Trade