Dull spots on your travertine

Do you have dull spots on your travertine floor and are wondering where they came from? Have you been trying to wipe them off with no success? This is because the  surface of the stone has been etched from some type of acidic item coming into contact with the stone. This can come in the form of a household cleaner, a food item or dog byproduct. 🙂

These dull spots on your travertine are an annoyance for any home owner to be sure. The only way to rid yourself of these pesky little spots is to have Scottsdale Travertine Polishing come out with the machines and remove them using our diamond pads. We use a series of diamond embedded pads to remove the damaged layer and polish it back up. Though this process is best if done at the time of your scheduled cleaning, spot removal is possible.

The travertine floor in the picture below shows an etch mark from dog urine and an after picture of how it looked once we removed the spot and polished the floor back up. B-E-A-utiful! 🙂