Tile Cleaning Tools of the Trade

Today on our job I decided to show a couple of the must have’s if you are going to professionally clean tile. Obviously a big truck mounted machine is needed but besides that what else is there really?

It is SO important that each and every grout line be scrubbed down using one, if not both, of these grout brushes. The rinse extraction machine and the sx12 tool work great but the grout comes cleaner if the grout lines are scrubbed first! Also, as I explain, the machine can only get so close to the wall and will leave about a half inch line around the edges that needs to be scrubbed by hand, washed again and wiped up with a rag or sucked up with the vacuum hose. 

To make life easier, we spread the soap around using a pump sprayer. These pump sprayers don’t tend to last too long in our line of work, even the really expensive ones so we have quite a few laying around in the trailer 🙂 

I also use booties. Yes, that’s right, booties even when I’m cleaning. I don’t want the soap to wreck my shoes. I have never done any scientific testing but I’m pretty sure the chemicals used for cleaning tile everyday aren’t that great for the rubber soles of the shoes and in my opinion wear the shoes down faster. The booties are not a necessity for cleaning but they are nice to have around especially when the job is complete. We never walk on a clients floor after it has been cleaned even if it’s dry.

Tile Girl Tools of the Trade Video