Travertine Sealing

High-gloss diamond polishing for travertine floors in Scottsdale, AZ

When it comes to whether or not travertine sealing is necessary it depends on the type of travertine you have and whether it is highly polished or not. Most of the time we say yes it should be sealed. This is especially true if you have larger grout joints or if you have a matte or satin finish on your travertine. We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering both a clear seal and a grout color seal option to our clients. The clear seal is just as it sounds, clear. We use this solvent based penetrating sealer to seal the tops of the tile as well as the grout.


Our competitors will sometimes pitch the “no sealing” option claiming that highly polished stone does not need to be sealed. But I say,what about the grout?

The grout is almost always porous and WILL get dirty. The chances that the grout will clean up down the road if it has not been sealed are slim. The color seal option is used when grout is stained, likely because travertine sealing wasn’t done at installation or the travertine wasn’t maintained. The other reason a customer may choose the color sealing option is they prefer the look of a newly installed floor. Our grout color sealer is acrylic based and therefor repels even the toughest stains. Adding this option to your floor can take your travertine cleaning experience from wow! to WOW!!!!!!!!