Gloss Sealer on Stone Floors

Are you sitting there on the couch looking at your natural stone floors and thinking… “Gee, I sure wish my travertine…marble…slate…limestone was shiny! There has got to be a way I can do it myself!”.  So you take to the internet, browsing how-to articles, looking for any information on making your travertine shiny without calling in a professional stone restoration company. After all, who really needs that bill?!? “Not me!”  In your series of searches, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect solution… Dun da da da…gloss sealer! And the crowd goes wild!!! Whooooo gloss sealer! “That looks like an excellent idea! It’s cheap, easy to use, and best of all I can do it myself!” Off to the home improvement store you go! Not so fast… der der der.

Unfortunately I have some bad news for you.  Awwwww 🙁   Gloss sealers and topical coatings are THE absolute worst idea for making your natural stone floors shiny! You will want to think twice before using any product that tells you to mop shine onto your stone floors!  Over a period of time gloss sealers turn gray, sometimes yellow, and begin to flake off.  They act like a magnet, collecting dust from the air and dirt from your shoes. Even mopping a stone floor with a gloss coating will make it dirtier! But the number one deterrent for applying a gloss sealer to your floor is the cost to remove it. Gloss coatings are VERY costly to remove and it almost always winds up costing twice as much as if you would have hired a professional stone cleaning company to polish it properly in the first place.

There is no comparison between the shine from diamond polishing and the shine your receive from gloss. Whether you want to add just a little shine or alot of shine, call a professional Stone Restoration Company. Make sure they are licensed for stone restoration and if possible try and get some references to call. If you are in the Phoenix Metro area and are in need to stone restoration services we can help. CALL Scottsdale Travertine Polish today for your free estimate. #topicalcoatingonstone #glosssealerontravertine #tilegirl #pvinteriorstilecleaning #shinystonetile #howtomakemytravertineshiny