Marble Polishing

Restore marble floors with our Scottsdale, AZ-based polishing surfaces

Is your marble dull, scratched and, dirty? Has your pet had an accident on your beautiful shiny marble floors? Don’t worry!

We can restore your marble floors to new condition with our proven marble polishing & cleaning process.


Many homeowners don’t know that using an acid-based cleaning product on marble will damage the surface of the stone. Unlike porcelain and ceramic tile, travertine, marble, and limestone cannot be cleaned with harsh acidic chemicals. Our marble cleaning process begins with masking off all appliances, taping off the carpet, and laying down tarps across any nontiled surface. We also use corner guards around the baseboards so we don’t scuff up the baseboards. We then begin the cleaning process. We spray down an alkaline-based cleaning solution onto the floor and begin by scrubbing every grout line down by hand with a nylon brush  (This is an integral step toward getting your grout as clean as possible).  The next step in the process is scrubbing the tile using a floor buffer and a very soft pad followed up with rinse extraction by a truck-mounted machine.  For marble polishing, we use grit-specific diamond pads to achieve the desired level of shine requested. See our stone-cleaning Videos on YouTube