Color Sealing Grout

Clean floors are not a thing of the past. The grout can, and will, clean up if done right and done by a professional grout cleaning company. What happens if your grout was never sealed and it doesn’t clean up as well as you’d hoped? Don’t fear! You have an option. We call it, color-sealing grout.

So you have heard of this, color sealing grout method, but have heard some negative things about it? Well, don’t let the work or words of others dissuade you from color-sealing your grout. If done properly, color-sealing grout can look great and is an excellent alternative to tearing out your floors!

Color sealing grout begins with thoroughly cleaning the floor. We use a truck-mounted rinse extraction system, alkaline soap, and handheld scrubbers to really get into the grout. Once the floor is free of contaminants and debris, an acrylic-based grout colorant is applied directly to the grout using a nylon brush. This sealer offers maximum protection for your grout while creating a clean and uniform look. You would have thought the floors were literally just installed. The best part is that the grout will be much easier to clean and can easily be wiped up using a sponge.

Not everyone can color seal grout. There are many companies out there advertising that they offer grout color sealing services but their work says otherwise. Getting the best, cheapest deal is not always the way to go.  We have used Spectrum Grout Stain for the last 19 years. We have found this acrylic-based sealant to be the best coverage, longest lasting & easiest to apply grout stain on the market. They offer all of the major grout manufacturers grout colors in sealant form.

For more information on color sealing your grout please contact us at 602-826-2059.