Stone Cleaning

Professional stone cleaning, or natural stone cleaning as some may call it, is a necessity every few years as mopping does not and cannot give the same results as those achieved through the use of big machines. Stone floors get dirty over time leading to a cloudy, hazy looking floor with no character. Cleaning stone floors with a heavy duty alkaline cleaner and big machines will leave the stone a bit dull and chalky looking. This is why we generally polish the stone after cleaning. Polishing the stone floor will not only bring out the color in the stone but also closes the pores in the tile, giving additional protection from stains. Virtually every stone floor out there can benefit from having a professional stone cleaning every few years.

Be very careful who you hire to work on your stone floors as not everyone in the cleaning business is knowledgeable about stone. Different stone surfaces require different types of cleaners and can easily be damaged if cleaned incorrectly. Choose a LICENSED stone professional for your next stone floor cleaning project!