White Stuff On Your Travertine Shower Walls?

So, you’ve been scrubbing and scrubbing all day long and still the white stuff reappears after the tile dries. What the heck is going on, you ask yourself?!? You have tried cleaner after cleaner and nothing- the white mark is still there. What is this awful white stuff on your travertine shower walls that won’t go away???
Well, it’s a combination of hard water buildup that has been left behind on the surface of the stone and etching of the travertine from some sort of an acid compound, in this instance, soap. An etch mark occurs when an acidic compound is left too long on the surface of the tile. As it sits there, it begins reacting to the calcium that is naturally found in the travertine and thus a dull white spot is born.
Annoying huh! The only way to rid yourself of these pesky white stains is to call out the professionals at Scottsdale Travertine to polish and clean the stone. I think it’s important to note that no amount of sealer will protect your travertine from this phenomenon. My suggestion to our clients with travertine showers, get on a maintenance plan with us. It is much easier to keep up with it if we are not waiting 3 years in between cleanings. Another suggestion I give is to wipe down your shower after use. This will likely only help with a portion of the hard water buildup. It will not help the etching situation as it is an instantaneous reaction.