Old aluminium, scratches, dents.

Travertine Scratch Removal

Scratches In Your Travertine???

So, you’re moving your furniture across the room and you put a nice big scratch in your beautiful travertine. Don’t panic, it’s not ruined, it does need professional help though! Watch our six minute travertine scratch removal video to see an example of how the pros at Scottsdale Travertine Polish can help you.

Travertine scratch removal is not an easy or quick process. You must take into consideration that not all scratches are, both, worth removing and possible to remove. A number of factors will determine the proper course of action. These factors include depth of the scratch, length of the scratch, availability of replacement tiles, etc. Some scratches are so deep that all the grinding in the world won’t remove them. On the other hand, some scratches are so minor that paying to have every little scratch removed is not cost efficient.

Regardless of the situation, Scottsdale Travertine Polish is here to help you make that decision.
Travertine Scratch Removal Video