Travertine etch marks and what you can do about them.

What is a Travertine etch mark?

Do you have what appear to be water marks or dull spots on your travertine floor or counter top?  Well, those pesky little marks are what we in the business like to call, an etch mark. Travertine etch marks are the result of a chemical reaction within your travertine tile. The acid eats away at the calcium base of your travertine leaving a white hazy dull looking spot. The only way to get rid of this eyesore is to call the professionals in travertine maintenance at Scottsdale Travertine Polish. Our experts will hone out the etch mark and shine up the area as if it never happened.

Watch our Travertine Etch Marks Video Blog for a visual on how an etch mark is created and how to remove travertine etch marks.
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