Remove Etch Marks – Video

Ever wondered if those dull spots on your travertine could be removed? Watch the video below to see how we remove etch marks from your travertine?

Many people believe they have “water marks” on their travertine floor when in fact it is not a water mark at all, it is an etch mark. See our previous post, What is an etch mark? ‎‎

This video demonstrates the use of travertine polishing to remove etch marks or “water marks”. The process can easily be scaled up to remove etch marks from travertine floors by using a 17 inch travertine polishing machine and rinse extraction system.

Over time travertine will start to become dull and dingy looking. The general dulling of travertine floors and counters is typically associated with an abundance of etch marks and light scratching. You can only remove etch marks through polishing with a high speed buffer.  Cleaning the tile will not remove these pesky dull marks and no amount of sealer in the world is going to keep them from appearing.
Etch Mark Removal Video